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Whoops - check that phone cord!

Started by srhuston, March 09, 2011, 09:01:04 PM

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Got my OBi110 this evening, and before the kids were in bed I'd already made and received a test call between my wife and myself on the house phone and a test phone.  A little later, I went into the basement to retrieve my butt set since it has a CallerID decoder and do a few more tests.  At one point, I even hooked the 110 to the PSTN to test a couple other things, and it was when I switched off its power that I got confused.

My TS25D showed the line polarity was reversed!

I got very concerned, started checking things around the house - had I somehow swapped polarity on the phones and never noticed it for the last five years?  Did I just wire this particular jack wrong?  I pulled it from the wall and checked, and sure enough it's wired fine.  Well that would mean the 110 is wrong, but with it switched on the polarity is right there too!  Wait a second.. where's that phone cord that came in the box...

Sure enough, it's a perfect crossover cable :P

While most devices - and people - won't care about reversed polarity anymore, it was enough to give me a head scratching moment or two.  So if things aren't seeming right, go check that phone cord and make sure the end isn't backwards on one side!