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Junk calls OBI202

Started by Rick_Hall, February 11, 2013, 05:59:41 PM

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I have been noticing that when i use the obi202 as a router people are able to send junk calls to the device and it will just ring and ring. Is there a fix for this?


yes. several, in fact. Search this forum for "SIP scan"

I doubt that this is related to having OBi202 as a router - but who knows!


I know its coming from a sip scan ive used those tools before they are higly annoying was just wondering if there was a way to plug the hole since i believe the 202 opens port 5060. seems like its allowing annonymous sip traffic. Seen this before on asterisk but they seemed to fix that.


Quote from: Felix on February 12, 2013, 10:31:55 AM
I doubt that this is related to having OBi202 as a router - but who knows!
I would expect that if the OBi202 is behind a router, there would be no way to scan. We did not have to DMZ the OBi or open a port through the router.
I now know that you can be scanned through a NAT router. I had a single bogus call, and I took action before my normal wake time. If you can take the preventative action at your leisure, it would be better.


Quote from: Rick_Hall on February 14, 2013, 10:02:01 AM
... i believe the 202 opens port 5060 ...
202 opens what you tell it to open. again - look for a long thread on sip scanners; several remedies are listed there. For me the best solution was to switch from 5060 to 5064; and scanning stopped. Others used digit map rules. Search, and ye shall find!


I changed the port to way off the scope of sip and they stopped but i feel like OBIhai should take action to not allow anonomyous inbound sip calls.


I just got my first bogus call.  It came in through port 5062.  CID listed the number as 1001.  I finally feel like part of the group. lol
Long live our new ObiLords!

Shale is my attempt at a summary of the solutions that have been provided by the various contributors.