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Started by PortableTech, March 19, 2011, 02:33:37 PM

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Great Obi Techs,

I would like to request you consider adding a notes field to devices in the ObiTalk.  I have several devices attached to my account, and it would be quite handy to have a notes field for each one where I could enter information such as the contact numbers associated with their SIP accounts, or perhaps physical locations, or even network assignment information.

Certainly things that I can keep track of elsewhere, but would help to make the ObiTalk portal the one stop location for information I need.  The field does not need to be tied to any special functionality within ObiTalk, just a field I can put notes into for my own reference.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this request.


Other than naming each OBi end point (Home, Grandma, Timbuktu) from the OBiTALK portal, there is no other place to do this note.   To keep the portal simple, just name each OBi uniquely should suffice, yes?


I do name them, but as I said, there is other remote administration device info that I would at least like to keep notes on easily.  I will he heading to Iraq in a few weeks and alas that does not remove my duties as family it manager.  Thus keeping remote administration as simple as possible for me is nice. 

As I said, the notes field does not need to do anything, or interact with anything, just a place we can add notes to for future reference when looking at a device.


Soon, OBiTALK will support a new super user mode called, "OBi Expert."  This is a cloud based management interface / configuration management mode accessed via OBiTALK, where the user will have full access to every parameter in the OBi's service and telephony interface settings.  These parameters could be used to store the service / device specific information of which you speak.

The OBi Expert interface mimics the current device-based management web pages.  Here you will be able to access service information fields like; Service Provider Name, SP URL, Contact Number, e-mail address.

Look for more information / discussion about OBi Expert in the coming week(s).