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Unable to register with

Started by occamsrazor, January 05, 2011, 04:36:03 PM

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I've set up my Obi110, and have it registering with Gizmo5 ITSP no problem.
However I'm unable to successfully register with the virtual pbx provider
Settings used are:

Service Provider Proxy Server:
Service Provider Proxy Server Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy Server: <blank>
Outbound Proxy Server Port: 5060
User Name: <username>-<pbxes extension> e.g. joebloggs-200
Password: xxxxx
Port 5060 is forwarded to the Obihai device.

I've been using SPA-3102 devices for a long time, and have the above details used in my Linksys working fine.

But on the Obihai all I get is "Register Failed: No Response From Server"
As I said, the registration with Gizmo5 ITSP works fine.
I've also tried calling the Obi110 from my Obion on my iPhone and that works fine too.

Any ideas?


Our next firmware release will have the fix for this.

-Obihai Support Team