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Firmware 1.2.0, GV and MWI

Started by JohnLennon, March 23, 2011, 01:43:49 PM

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I upgraded to the new firmware 1.2.0, enabled MWI on the portal page. I have no messages waiting (both GV web site and calling confirmed) yet the MWI blinks on my phone. If I reset the phone it comes back. What could be wrong?

Note that the MWI on this phone never failed with my Linksys ATA, correctly reporting if there were messages on either of my 2 lines (as this phone supports 2 lines).

EDIT: I even disabled the (optional) MWI for GV but it seems to be stuck and keeps coming back.


I manage everything via the online Portal. Yes, provisioning is enabled.

In Device Configuration I select the Obi110 gear, then check:
Google Voice Voicemail Notification  [Enable Google Voice voicemail notification on your phone. (Optional)]

I enabled it, the phone reported there was a message even if none were there. It's still reporting it now after I disabled / enabled / disabled this setting - and each time the device reboots as it receives the new configuration settings.


I'm seeing the same thing.
Stutter dialtone and MWI are stuck on even after listening to all new messages or even completely clearing the GV inbox.

I have these three settings enabled under Voice Services--> SP1 Service -->  Calling Features

Provisioning is disabled for my box.


"MessageWaiting" isn't a setting, it is a display of state.

If you do have a message waiting it will be indicated by the check next to "MessageWaiting". If not, the check will not be there. So checking that box will force the MWI momentarily, even if no message is available.



re:  "MessageWaiting"
What purpose does the selectable check box serve? Any idea?
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I would guess if you want to force it on or off for testing purposes; it seems whatever backend glue polls the service for any messages just toggles that setting as a result.


Quote from: QBZappy on March 23, 2011, 03:34:37 PM

re:  "MessageWaiting"
What purpose does the selectable check box serve? Any idea?
I don't know, I just read that today.

Page 66 of the admin guide
This is a state rather than a configuration parameter, that indicates if there are any new messages for this subscriber on the service provider's voicemail system


Not sure what I do wrong, but the only way OBI will set GV WMI for me if I reboot device after voicemail was received. However, after I delete Voicemail, WMI will clear in 10-15 seconds. WMI works fine with my second provider – callcentric.


Hi Murzik,

It may take a while for OBi device to detect the new voice mail.


How long it may take? I've been waiting up to 20 minutes.


I've seen it take about an hour!


Hi Murzik, How did you leave the voicemail? and how long was the voicemail?


It took several hours but the MWI is gone. I noticed the OBi rebooting itself at least 4 time today, is this normal? It even did once while I was dialing a number, no biggie, I just had to wait a few seconds.


Took sever hours to set MWI on. This is way too long. :-\


I enabled syslog and I see very frequent "mwi subs failed" and "send error or timeout" messages.

<7> ++++ send error or timeout: code=901, mtd=11   24/03 12:10:20.400   
<7> ++++ mwi subs failed   24/03 12:10:20.402   
<7> SipDlg:MMI:?Hdr=47   24/03 12:10:30.404   
<7> sendto err(401) 0:5060, rc=-260, s=7   24/03 12:10:30.406   
<7> ++++ send error or timeout: code=901, mtd=11   24/03 12:11:02.412   
<7> ++++ mwi subs failed   24/03 12:11:02.414   



So as not to confuse most users here using GoogleVoice Voicemail:

The issue that JohnLennon had with reboot is NOT with GoogleVoice.  He uses some other SIP provider message waiting subscription.


Any way to make MWI update close to real time?