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Started by briant_2013, December 08, 2012, 11:41:55 AM

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I am having problem of completing the setup for OBI100. It keeps saying: Failed to connect to your device. Please check your device's internet connection. I have Linksys E3200, other connection to my router are fine. I did try to disable the firewall of my router and enable the SIP but still having problem, please help!


Please contact Obihai support at:
Phone:  +1 408-634-5904

Provide you 9-digit OBi No. and we can help get the issue resolved.

Thank you



Yahoo!!! 200 posts. I couldn't wait until you reached the 1000 post mark. I plan to be retired by then. :)

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to OBI support: Thank you for your fast responding. After I read some other info on the forum, i set my OBI100's IP to static and it worked. Thank you guys.