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<OBi110> Auto Firmware Update causes the OBi110 to Reboot Every 24-Hours

Started by Everton, December 28, 2012, 12:04:30 AM

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If the "Auto Firmware Update" is set to enable (either "System Start" or "Periodically") and the specified "Interval" is 86,400 seconds (24-hours), the OBi110 reboots [reason code (2) ] every 24-hours, even though there is no new Firmware available for update.    I'm curious if this is my design or a firmware bug.  Does the new Firmware for the OBi110 [1.3.0 (Build: 2765) ] addresses this problem?  The new Firmware was released on 12/27/2012 and there is no release notes associated with this firmware update.


UPDATE:  I have disabled the "Auto Firmware Update " on my OBi110 and the 24-hour reboot stops.  Will remain disabled until the OBi Firmware is updated to fix the problem!


I have never had any luck with automatic firmware updates?!  >:(

It didn't seem to happen.

Has anyone actually had their firmware updated this way?