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Started by Kurter, March 26, 2011, 07:29:50 AM

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So I use GV with SP1 and Vitelity with SP2. (I am sure a common setup these days)

Both inbound and outbound work great on both providers, but the Vitelity "call failover" feature leaves something to be desired so I'm looking to define a *62 (call forward, no answer) on my 2nd provider line to forward unanswered incoming calls on SP2 over to my cell.

So, to setup on the Obi, I dial *62, it prompts me with the tone, and then I enter my 10 digit forwarding number with the pound to terminate.  All seemed to have gone well.....
I guess the question is that when I do this, what provider am I modifying?  SP1, SP2, or both?

I have tried to dial **2 *62 [to force this feature on the 2nd provider] but I get an error message immediately after entering the third *

Please help clarify how this works.


OBi device has two separate star code profiles. I thought there is something in DigitMaps / OutboundCallRoute, but can't see anything. OBi admin guide says on page 16:
The OBi device supports service features via the handset connected to the PHONE port. The following Star Codes can be used to access the indicated features. OBi Star Code Enabled Features Apply to All Voice Services.

  • Does it mean that both profiles get updated when a star code dialed?
  • Is there a way to address particular profile?
  • If not - would OBi consider it in future?

But unless you specifically want to set forwarding via star code - you can do it on device web UI for any line.


It appears an 'X_Star Code Profile' option may have inadvertenly been left out of each of the SP1 and SP2 options lists.

I believe Star Codes have to be the first thing dialed and their handling is hard-wired into the OBi (it's not done via a DigitMap entry).



The default action of *62 (or *72) is to apply the call forward setting to ALL trunks: SP1/SP2/OBiTALK/LINE.
To do call forward (no answer) on one trunk only, you can:
1. Directly configure that option for that trunk (SP2 in your case) on the expert configuration page on the OBiTALK portal (or the device's configuration page, if you're comfortable w/ that), OR
2. Go to the Star Code profile, look up * 62, and change the action to enable call forward just for SP2.
(use this method only if you need to change call forward settings often; otherwise not worth the effort), OR
3. Similar to 3, instead of modifying *62, you can define a new star code to enable call forward just for SP2.

The two star code profiles are just make it easy to change between the two sets. But both apply to to the PHONE port only. Not much intelligence to it.

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Can the variables that we can see in the "star codes" be used in the dial plans or call routes, or are they strictly for star code usage?

For example can we force calls going over SP1 to use 711 or 729 codec?
*4711, Use G711 Only, set($Cdm1,3)
*4729, Use G729 Only, set($Cdm1,4)
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The set command and the variables are only available in the star code context at the moment.
But what you suggested is a good idea from a functional standpoint.
We will think about that feature.
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