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Shipping to Canada?

Started by ToNIX, March 30, 2011, 07:45:21 PM

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current unsteady conditions at Canada Post make shipping to Canada somewhat of a gamble. It seems to be taking quite a while.

A few months ago I had First Class International packages taking a week. Now I have Priority International taking longer than that.

ShermanObi will sell and ship you an OBi as long as you buy the product from Amazon, e.g. The item states "Sold by Amazon, LLC."

This means that, when you select the OBi for purchase, be sure the seller is Amazon.  To ensure you are buying from Amazon, simply search on the OBi110 or OBi100 from the home page.  Select the device you would like to purchase and then select the "Add to Cart" button associated with the "Seller"

Here are links to the OBi devices which will take you to the page from which you can select as the seller when you add the product to your shopping cart.

Click Here for OBi100

Click Here for OBi110



Amazon gets $12.35 to ship the Obi100 to Canada. Estimated shipping time is 6 - 10 days.


I followed the link "Click Here for OBi110" above and added to cart, then went to check out and got this
"We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order. " which is standard for they wont ship to Canada.

"In Stock.
We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address.
Sold by Obihai Technology, Inc. and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. "
Any other help or advice or links please ????

I Just read the rest of the topic, I reply above because OBi emailed me back with a link directing me to ShermanObi post.
"We appreciate your interest and your future business!
Indeed the Canadian market is important to Obihai and we are working on getting OBi devices for sale in Canadian on-line stores now. Until then, you will need to wait until Amazon is the "seller" on Here is a forum post that talks about this topic:  
Remember:  The Seller needs to be Amazon in order for the check-out process to accept a Canadian ship to address. We expect that Amazon will have stock inside the next two-four weeks.
Thanks and regards: Obihai Technology, Inc."

I would be interested in jimates shipping relay.


After clicking the links, when Amazon has stock, you will see "Amazon" as a seller of the OBi device.  Since Amazon, the seller, does not have any stock right now, they do not show-up as a choice. 

In 2-4 weeks, we expect Amazon to have stock, at which time, customers will be able to arrange for shipping to Canada (and many other non-USA) addresses.

Here are the links:
Click Here for OBi100
Click Here for OBi110

We will post an update to this thread when Amazon has stock available.  Select the "Notify" option for this topic and you will receive an e-mail when the update is posted.



Any luck with this?  I have a friend who would love an OBI 100, but as of yet we still can't find one sold by Amazon.  (Sold by OBIHAI with fulfilment by Amazon yes, but not sold by Amazon -- and no, it won't ship to Canada).


have an obi100 for sale in toronto. new, not in box, and only used for testing once.

$50 cdn cash.

please message if still interested :)


Ashlin Computer of Toronto is now carrying Obihai products. 

Please visit their web site and have a look: Click Here!

Ashlin Computer Corporation
201-442 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1S7
Fax (416)703-7327
Toll Free (877)7AS-HLIN (877)-727-4546
Tel (416)256-3096


$20 ground shipping?  Really?  That's not a viable option.

By any chance is Amazon or Obihai going to offer the product shipped to Canada?


It's available from now. Just ordered and the shipping charge is $9.98. Also they charge $6.7 for Import Fees Deposit.


Unfortunately it still complains that it can't be shipped for me.

Unclebill, can you confirm that you got an OBI100, that it was the one listed as sold by obihai (with fulfilment by amazon) and which city you shipped it to?

I'm shipping to Ottawa or Gatineau.


Hi Apukwa,

I ordered the OBI110 shipped to Markham, Ontario. It looks like OBI100 is still sold by OBIHAI only. Seems like don't have the OBI100 in stock yet.


Hello im new here and i still can't figure it out from where to buy this device, ashlin is more than 30 dollars  included shipped from Toronto. @Unclebill can you confirm you received the package and did you have to pay extra costs at the door?. I really need to get this shipped to Vancouver for my boyfriend before christmas :(



Hi Veronica, I placed my order on Nov. 5th and received it on Nov. 14th. The breakdown of the cost is:

OBI 110 --------- $49.99
Shipping --------  $ 9.98

Amazon also charged me Import Fee Deposit for the custom which is $6.7

The total I paid Amazon is US$66.67. The courier didn't ask for any extra changes.


OMG i was just about to buy it from ashlin and then i received your email, ok i'll take the risk and buy it from amazon sold by amazon, hopefully for Vancouver doesn't change. Thanks alot @UncleBill.

BTW did you mark it as gift?


No, I didn't mark it as gift. By the way, lowered the price to $44.99.


Hi UncleBill, by which ship carrier they sent? Someone need to be at home to receive it?


It was shipped by DHL. It happened my son was home at that time. I don't know what happened if no one home to recieve it. My past experience with other carrier like Fedex will just leave me a note on how to collect the package.


What time did the courier arrive your door? Did he ring your bell? Mine by DHL and is shipping to Markham too, the  estimated arrival time is next Monday. A little bit worry about that I may not at home.


Mine arrived at 11:24am. Yes, he did ring the bell. Just calm down. They will leave you a notice to tell you how to pick up the package. Or you can just check the status from the amazon website. You can call DHL directly with your tracking # in case the driver missed you and you don't get any notice.