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Started by GrayOnGray, March 31, 2011, 06:55:58 PM

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quick question! i love the obi, but i am having an echo issue with the landline connected to the device. speed tests seem to indicate that there is sufficient bandwidth. are there any other fixes available to me? if i fix this issue, the setup would be perfect. thank you!!


Maybe it's just me, but your post is very confusing.  You indicate you're having an echo issue with the landline connected to the OBi, but then talk about speed tests and sufficient bandwidth.  What does speed and bandwidth have to do with a landline?

You can bypass the OBi by either dialing only '#' or by removing power from the OBi.  This will connect the telephone that's attached to the OBi's PHONE Port directly to the landline that's attached to the OBi's LINE Port.  If you still have echo, the OBi is not involved.

That's all I can think of without more and clearer information.


Please try to run the OBi echo test to evaluate the connection performance. If it is not okay, please adjust the PSTN Line impedance to other values to see whether it is okay or not.

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