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My OBi out going PSTN voice softly than normal and cannot detect the disconnect

Started by Harold, April 02, 2011, 08:11:09 PM

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Dear All

May I seek ur help

I come from Hong Kong and I frist time to use VOIP Gateway.My telecom Service use PCCW

I find that when I make a call to PSTN line or receive PSTN Line call inculde use OBitalk -> OBI -> landline or home telephone attach OBi -> landline, the voice very softly and hardly to talk each other. May I know that how can I fix it?

And I find that when I enable the OBI att. When someone dail-in and pickup by OBi, the user hear the OBi menu 1,2...... then user not press any key just hangup, in the OBi status still show off-host, after 10sec. , attach to OBi home telephone will be ring untill pickup. After pickup ,in OBi line status show on-host. May I know that is it my device setting problem?

Please kind advice.

Thanks all of you!