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Caller Id in Sip

Started by gb77, April 04, 2011, 09:47:10 AM

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i have obi100 with gv and voipo configured. voipo (sip carrier) is my primary line. calls to this line come both directly to the number and through gv. in gv voipo is selected as the only forwarding phone. previous to obi box, i had voipo on spa2000 box where it worked flawlessley. on the caller id of all calls, i used to get the actual name of the person (voipo providing cname lookup) displayed on the phone. on the obi i get either the city or 'wireless caller' in the name field. interestingly if a call goes to voipo's voice mail, it shows the true and actual name on the voicemail message, which tells me that voipo is sending the call id information, but for some reason the obi box is not displaying it properly. if i put the phone back on the spa2000 the caller id displays as expected. i have switched the caller id settings around on the phone menu in the obi box w/o success. if anyone can provide any help with this i would appreciate it.