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OBI110 and DIDlogic Canada

Started by DimaT, December 21, 2013, 04:58:19 PM

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Could some one help me to set up OBi110? I am a rookie and bit overwhelmed with info.
I would like to send all local calls from phone port  (area codes 403 and 587),1-800, 311, 911  to my local phone line, the rest (1xxxxxxxxxx and 011xx.|xx.) should go via DIDlogic.

DIDlogic support states: "- Dial the full international number: 1-212-555-1212 (US), 44-208-500-0000 (London). Dialing 212-555-1212 won't work. Do not dial with 0 or 00 or 011 in front".

Could you pls tell me where I set up outbound line in setting and where to write digimap to filter a number?


Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> DigitMap

Physical Interfaces -> Phone Port


Primary Line: SP1 Service

Physical Interfaces -> Line Port

UK (country code 44) 12 digit number don't dial 011
All other international numbers dial 011 and the 011 will be removed before routing to SP1.
USA dial 10 or 11 digits. Prefix "1" will be added to a 10 digit number.
Phone Port DigitMap I added "(Mli)|". The rest is default.
Phone Port OutboundCallRoute I added "{(Mli):li},{(<011:>xx.):sp1},"

Area codes 403 and 587 are 10 digit numbers. Is this correct?

I did not test any of this.


It still does not work.
ALL calls goes to SP1 account now (1-800, 403-, 011-).
011 is not being deleted (I have dial 38056-xxx-xxxx, not 011-38056-xxx-xxxx)- but this is good - I will nit mistakenly get charged by my local telco.

Could you pls point me where error is?


How do you update the OBi110?
Do you login directly to the OBi110 via the Web interface?
Do you login to OBitalk to make changes?

Check to make sure the changes you made are still intact or have they reverted back to the default values.

How many different countries do you call?


log in via local ip (, log in- and made changes one by one, rebooting device after each one. I just entered everything one more time, rebooted, checked - everything there.

In phone port settings - primary line - if set up to SP1 - ALL call goes to DIDlogic, including my  local cell phone (403-399-33xx). It does not delete 011 if I dial Ukraine (011-38-056-791-xxxx), thus DID logic denies connection. If I dial 38-056-791-xxxx it works just fine.

If I set  Primary line to PSTN - all calls go to local line, nothing goes to DIDlogic.

In my understanding one should not dial 011 for Europe, below is exempt DIDLogis guide: from  "

Correctly dialed:
442012345678 – United Kingdom
12125551212 – USA
19055551212 – Canada
4915151234567 – Germany

Incorrectly dialed:
011442012345678 or 00442012345678 or 02012345678 – this is NOT how you dial UK
2125551212 or 9055551212 – this is NOT how you call US/Canada, must dial with "1" in front."

I would prefer NOT to dial 011 at all (so by mistake it will not be connected by my very greedy telco).

I call local calls (Calgary- 403|587-xxx-xxxx), some US/Canada (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx), Ukraine, and Europe.

DIDLogic has very competitive rates and sound quality.



Please check the following:
System Management -> Auto Provisioning
Under OBitalk Provisioning what is the value of Method.
If it's not set to "Disabled" change it to "Disabled".

When updating the OBi with the Web interface you don't have to reboot after changing each section. Do all the changes, then reboot once. Make sure you click "Submit" at bottom of page after changing each section.

xx. in the ITSP A DigitMap will match any dialed number, so if you don't get a match with the Line DigitMap the call will be routed out SP1. This is the easiest way to route international numbers out SP1 without 011 prefix. There are problems with xx. and I don't use it. If you make a mistake dialing a local number, you might call a foreign country. It also can cause up to a 10 second delay before a call is placed. The other option is list every country code you call in the DigitMap like I did the UK in my example. Tell me which method you want to use.

When you dial a local number do you dial "403xxxxxxx" or "1403xxxxxxx"?


I changed Auto provisioning to disabled.

local calls I dial 403 or 587 +7 digits (403|587-xxx-xxxx) , LD US/Canada - 1+10 digits  (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx),
Europe - more than 12 digits, (and I do not think it ever starts from 1. ie Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk will be 38-056-791-xxxx)
Does it make sense?


Just rechecked all settings, it still sends call to my cell (I dial 403-399-33xx) via DIDLogic.


Check the Auto-Provisioning again and make sure you changed the correct Method.
It's the one under OBitalk Provisioning.
Please try the following.

Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> DigitMap

Physical Interfaces -> Phone Port


Primary Line: SP1 Service

Physical Interfaces -> Line Port

Any dialed number 12 or more digits starting with 2 thru 9 will be routed out SP1.


If international calls are always 12 digits use following:
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> DigitMap


Thank you very much for your time.
We are getting closer. Now local calls appears to handled as expected (including 403-, 1-800 and 311 numbers).

Although, I run into an issue with LD.
When I dial number in Ukraine in about 20 sec of silence I hear "The number you dialed has not received the response from service provider" The status of the call below:

Terminal ID   PHONE1   SP1
State   trying   calling
Peer Name      
Peer Number   380563742xxx   380563742xxx
Start Time   17:19:09   17:19:09
Duration   00:00:43   00:00:43
Direction   Outbound   Outbound
Peer RTP Address
Local RTP Address
RTP Transport      UDP
Audio Codec      tx=; rx=
RTP Packetization (ms)      tx=0; rx=0
RTP Packet Count      tx=0; rx=0
RTP Byte Count      tx=0; rx=0

It does appear to to to SP1, and format seems to be correct (it was working yesterday, and I have not changed SP1 settings).

For Canada LD does not work ether - I am getting error 603:
Terminal ID   PHONE1   SP1
Peer Name      
Peer Number   19055551212   19055551212
Direction   Outbound   Outbound
17:33:06   New Call   
17:33:07      End Call (603 Declined)

The out going number looks correct as well.

On history panel on DIDLogic - no phone calls are being shown.

Just out of curiosity in outbound call route one of the expressions you advised:,{(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2} Why it should go to SP2? I have SP2 disabled...

Please, help.


The long distance and international calls are routing correctly. I have no idea why they are failing. Maybe someone else can chime in.

When you have a rule like "[2-9]xxxxxxxxxxxx." the "x." means zero or more digits, so the rule is checking for 12 or more digits. After you dial 12 digits the OBi110 doesn't know if you will dial more digits, so it waits up to 10 seconds.

You can put a timer on the rule to limit the wait time like this:

Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> DigitMap

The above will limit the wait time to 2 seconds. This will NOT solve your problem. It will just fail sooner.

"{(Mli):li}" is the only rule I added  to the outbound route. The rest is the default value for an OBI110.

{(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2} is used to force a dialed number out SP2. You dial  **218005551212 and 18005551212 is routed out SP2. For you these rules will never be used and you can delete them if you want.

I hope this helps.


I did reset the unit and entered all settings from scratch.  For ITSP -profile A I entered settings from your first example ((1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.). It appears to work OK now. I have to dial 011-38-056(7digits) for Ukraine. It transmits it as 38-056(7digits) and works fine.
Before, (your example 2)if I dial 38-056(7digit) it was transmitting it directly - 38-056 (7digits), but DIDlogit did not accept it. Cannot understand WHY?

I did not have time to test it more, I will test it and will try to draft some kind of set up manual (DIDLogic for Canadians). I hope The set up is standard (taking in account GV retirement) and DIDlogic worst considering - 0.0015-0.0025 c/min N.America.