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Web server - "expired" setting

Started by OZOi, April 08, 2011, 09:11:04 PM

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When web server, running in OBi100 (v.1.2.1 firmware), sends its web pages to web browsers, it sets cache expiration time. And particularly it sets that all web content is valid for the next 24h (86400 sec).

What does it mean?

It means that when user wants to get web page from OBi device and click on a link in his browser - the browser takes web page from the cache and because usually it's not expired - presents it to the user. User see the obsolete values from the cache, rather then actual values provided by web server. It creates a lot of mess and confusion :( You're confident that you've already changed this option, but when you ask browser to show it from OBi device - you see the option still has the old value (while in fact it was changed)...

To avoid the mess I have always to remember to clean up all web cache before I'll ask to give me any new page :(. Some browsers do it relatively easy (IE), others are very stubborn with the way they keep cached history (Iron or Chrome)... And you know what? I have other, more important things to keep in my mind, when I work with configuration, and may to forget to clean up the cache all the time. Then WTF moment arises again...

Please set in your web server all pages to expire immediately!

(the actual header's name is "Cache-Control:")