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Started by psuPete, April 07, 2014, 11:51:54 AM

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Going to web page:

and then clicking on the button Signup at!

produces the dianostic


Why do I want to select an SP in order to signup?  Ditto for phonepower.

Going directly to the phonepower site requires a login w/o any way of getting an account.  Apparently you must first place an order to get an account (at least I was told that by the online chat operator).

The phonepower site does not list the OBiHAI plan.  Again, I was told by the chat operator that it was only available to OBiHAI customers presumably by clicking n the SIGUPP AT PHONEPOWER.COM! (and possibly causing a config change)

It is not clear that once you signup (if you are able to via obitalk, how long the plan continues at the stated rate (only 1 year? continuing?).



What is happening via that link is auto-configuration of your OBi for the service plan offered via that link.
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From my view, I am unable to get an OBiHAI-sponsored (discounted) account first on the ASP and then oder service and migrate at my convenience?

I guess I'm missing something very basic about this process.



The auto provisioning allows less customer support tickets and cheaper prices.  They don't give you account credentials for either service but their is a way to get them from phonepower after you sign up.
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I did not find the "glossy" ASP material on the OBi webpages sufficient; thus going to ASP (ITSP) web sites.

Actually, I already have an ITSP provider (Callcentric) with a free DID and probably continue as-is with them.  Though a little pricey for pay-as-you-go, my needs are simple.  Fortunately the PAYG are rollover, at least in one sense since there is no monthly subscription fee.

Time will tell.