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GV, still working fine... is there a way to "roll-over" on a 202?

Started by Corpy, June 26, 2014, 02:00:03 PM

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Hey all,
Getting ready to setup my business lines which will have 2 phones, I've had my 202 for almost 2 years and when I heard GV is not going to work on it anymore, I was crushed! But it's still working fine... what is going on with that?

Anyway, in 202 settings, I set it as "Incoming Calls will ring on" Phone 1 & Phone 2.   Now they both ring fine, but if i'm on a call on, say line 1, and someone calls the GV # again, Phone 2 does not ring... instead, Phone 1 beeps as a call is coming through.

Is there a way to set this up so that once one of the lines is being used... to roll-over to the other line? (I remember the roll-over term from my AT&T multiline days.)

Thanks all!


I'm sharing my notes on:

OBi202 Configuration for the Main # with two phones to:
1)   Ring only Ph1 for a single call, Call Waiting Disabled on Phone 1.
2)   Ring Ph2 only for a 2nd Call using "Call Forward Busy Line".

Using ObiTALK configure:
                                                         Phone 1   Phone 2
Primary Line for Outgoing Calls Route to:      SP1         SP1
Phone Rings on Incoming Calls from:          SP1         

Enter ObiTALK "Expert" Configuration.

Locate:  Physical Interfaces – PHONE 1 Port.
   Uncheck –  Calling Features  –  CallWaitingEnable    Default Block

Locate:  Voice Services – SP1 Service.
   Uncheck –  CallForwardOnBusyEnable     Default Block
       Check  –  CallForwardOnBusyEnable     Block on the Left

   Uncheck –  CallForwardOnBusyNumber     Default Block
        Add –  CallForwardOnBusyNumber       Ph2(#)        

See:   Topic: Obi202 - Using two-line phone with one Google Voice number


Great! Thank you.
Looks like exactly what I need, I'll be trying this out at home tomorrow.

Any word on what is happening with GV and Obi? I noticed that Obi put GV back up on their webpage are a service again... it was down for a little while.


 I have obi202 and have configured for two diff phone numbers and two diff physical phones.

By that way,
if needed you can use one number/line  to send fax and for elongated time, if needed
and also have two diff phone numbers instead of one.


So i just hooked up my obi device again and tried using google voice and it seems to be working just fine.  Anyone know what the deal with this is?  I thought it was supposed to be cut off awhile ago


Google Voice NEVER announced a date that they would disable the XMPP protocol which is the used to connect an to OBi and others.

Claims that the service would be cut off on May 15, 2014 were unsupportable speculation. This does not mean that the service will continue forever though.
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