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Device recognized but won't add to Dashboard

Started by afriendusa, May 09, 2011, 10:46:36 PM

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I'm having someone else (who has physical access to the device) dial the **5 xxxx number, and on my end at the web portal it's showing that it's recognized the device and that the device is connected. I even saved all the serial # and other info.

However, when I press "confirm", it takes a long time, and then an error message that "It can't connect to the device.  The session may have timed out"  or something like that, and it won't add the device to the dashboard.

Also, the Obi110 is connected to a router that's acting as a bridge.  Is this why? 


I have this same issue.

My OBi202 is recognized, but won't save to my dashboard. I have to re-authenticate by dialing a **5 number each time if I want to change any settings -- that's fine if I happen to be home.

Shouldn't the 202 show up as an endpoint in my dashboard?


Please contact Obihai support with this issue.  We can help you add the device.

Send e-mail to:

Be sure to include your OBi No. and a description of the issue described in your post(s).

Thank you!