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South Africa settings - help needed

Started by AndyPandy11, May 01, 2016, 04:45:45 AM

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Obihai is not working out of the box with South Africa's land line signals (provided by Telkom). In particular, inbound calls are not detected.

(I've tried paying around with settings, in particular RingerImpedance set to Synthesized, but still no luck).

I've trawled forums and google but not found any settings posted for South African users.

Any help much appreciated!



Assume you are using an OBi110 but it is always better to have explicit information.

Protea socket or RJ11?

Point a browser at the IP address of the 110 on your LAN. Log in (admin and admin are the defaults).

Click on Status, then Phone and Line Status. Report back what you see in the Line Port column.


Thanks for the clarification! Worked like a charm.


Quote from: SteveC on October 09, 2017, 01:39:05 AM
Thanks for the clarification! Worked like a charm.
You seem to be happy which is the main thing.  It does not matter that no-one else has a clue about who you are thanking, what the clarification was and what is now working like a charm.

Perhaps your future posts will be more explicit.