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Modify cid sent to google voice?

Started by totalimpact, January 30, 2011, 07:15:35 PM

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I am trying to use google for the voicemail on my analog line using call forward on no answer. Here is what is going on:

Caller comes in on Line 1, rings 5 times, then forward the caller out SP1, which is registered to google voice, but google voice is seeing my google voice CID as the caller, and sends the caller to the menu "You have no new messages, press 2 to make a call".

Does anyone know if the caller id can be modified on a gv trunk - for instance, sometimes I want to call my googlevoice, but dont want it to send me to the user IVR, but I also have a speed dial for google voice so someone can just press 99 to check the voicemail from the attached phone.

I saw the cid spoofing stuff in the manual, but am not real sure how that works.


Try this: Go to Service Providers, ITSP Profile A, SIP.  Scroll down and find X_SpoofCallerID and check the box to activate it, then submit and reboot.
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