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Question about setup (transferring from old Obi to new)

Started by Raph, May 19, 2015, 01:00:57 PM

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Hi there,

I have currently set up an Obi110 which I have been using for years without a problem. I recently caught I deal on both an All-in-One and the Obi202. I use Google Voice currently for the Obi110. Is it possible to port the Google Voice Number from the 110 to the 202 to use as the primary phone line AND set up a new Google Voice Number for the Fax line? My question is two in one, can I port the original 110 number to the 202 and can the 202 support having two numbers registered to it?

I originally thought I could do this on my own, but I'm a little intimidated by it and don't want to ruin my current setup. Thanks so much for the help.




"Porting" is a telephone industry term that refers to moving a telephone number from one telephone carrier to another.

All you would be doing in your case, is to set up the OBi 202 with your existing Google Voice account's credentials on one of its four service provider (SP) slots, and hook that up to your telephones, and then obtain a second Google Voice number, set it up on a different OBi SP slot, and plug your fax machine into the other telephone jack.

For example: 

GV account #1 -->  SP1 -->  Phone 1 jack --> Telephone(s)

GV account #2 -->  SP2 -->  Phone 2 jack --> Fax machine

You can just delete the old 110 from the OBiTALK portal page, and it will factory-reset the device.   You can then unplug it and keep it for a spare, or use it for some other application.  You'd then add the 202 and configure SP1 and SP2 for the two different GV accounts.

Complete directions for configuring GV on OBi are here:



Thank you very much for the help. I understand exactly what you wrote and your explanation was what I was hoping could be achieved. I'll get started with the process.

Again, many thanks!