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Configure PSTN in Serbia

Started by Milos, May 23, 2015, 09:17:58 PM

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I am trying to configure PSTN on OBI110 in Belgrade, Serbia. I tried it in the US and everything worked fine. Then my wife took it to Serbia and connected it to the Internet and home phone line. I set up call forwarding on Obitalk to my cell phone in the US, so when she dials her home phone line from her cell phone OBI  properly forwards that call to my US cell phone through GV, so that direction is working fine. But, when I call from the US on SP1 (GV) and the attendant asks for the number to call, I enter my wife's cell  number and the message I get is:"There is no service available to complete your call". I am assuming this message means that OBI cannot detect the home phone line it is connected to, which is strange since it receives the calls on the same home line just fine. I have no issues when instead of the PSTN connection I enter my US number (GV connects that call properly). I am assuming that the problem is related to the PSTN configuration (Physical Interface - Line Port) for outgoing calls. I tried many things, but nothing worked. I wonder if anybody has any idea how to fix this problem.




If your wife or anyone can test locally, then I would suggest keying "#" from a phone connected to the Phone Port of the OBi110. This should connect the phone through the OBi110 to the local PSTN telephone exchange and the its dial tone should be heard. If local PSTN dial tone is present, then try dialling a local number to see if that works. This test bypasses all digit maps etc.

If the above works, then try dialling "***0" from the phone connected to the Phone Port. This will give access to the OBi auto attendant. Try using Option 2 to dial any local number.

Another possible problem in some parts of Europe is that not all PSTN telephone exchanges have been upgraded to use DTMF tones for receiving digits from local end user equipment. Some local exchange still rely upon "loop/disconnect" signalling. The OBi110 only transmits digits as DTMF tones and does not use "loop/disconnect" signalling. I have no local knowledge of telecoms in Serbia and I would expect a large city like Belgrade to be using DTMF signalling, but you never know!


Hi Ian,

I owe you a big apology. My wife actually disconnected the phone line. She told me that today when I asked her to follow your instructions. Everything works great. I only wasted one whole day yesterday because my wife disconnected the phone line and did not tell me. And by the way she has a PhD in electrical engineering. Go figure.

Thanks a lot,



No problem - simple solutions to problems are always the best   :)