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December 18th, 2021
*** Important notice to OBiTALK customers***
Summary: OBi200, OBi202 and OBi212 have entered the End of Life phase please click here for important information and key milestones:

Link Devices

With the OBiTALK Link Devices feature, you can now intelligently link your OBi200, OBi202 and OBi1000 Series IP phones to easily connect and transfer calls between users seamlessly.

Each OBi has the following
  • Its own number to make/receive calls, and its own corresponding voicemail.*-
  • Its own assigned two-digit extension. Just dial the two-digit extension followed by a #.
  • The ability to be located at (or moved between) a main office, remote office or home without any configuration change.
How it works
  1. Log into your OBiTALK account.
  2. Click on ‘Link Devices’ (left column).
  3. Add the OBi devices you wish link by clicking on the 'Link' button under Link Supported Devices.

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