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SIP URI Dialling From OBion/OBiapp via OBiTALK

Started by ianobi, July 14, 2012, 02:41:20 AM

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My Obi110 has a fairly standard setup with sip2sip on sp2. An ITSPB/Msp2 digitmap of @@.'@'@@. (very simple – anything at anywhere). In my OBiTALK InboundCallRoute is ...,{(290123456)>(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2},...All very standard and sip uri speed dials work fine from the phone port. However, they do not work from the OBion/OBiapp. I believe this is because the speed dial comes in via OBiTALK as an alphanumeric string and the @ in gets swallowed by the @@. In the digit map.

My solution is to change Msp2 to ([^*+]@@[^+].<+:@>@@.|[^*]@@.'@'@@.). The first rule handles speed dials in the format ( some guesswork here, but I know it works!) The second rule is the standard anything@anywhere.

If you now use speed dials in the format ** they can be used from the phone or OBion/OBiapp. ** will still work from the phone due to the second rule in Msp2.

**2 in my case as I am using sp2. The **x format is needed to ensure the digitmap is used. Spx( will not work as the spx format avoids any digit map processing.

Using the ** format we can now also dial in directly to sip uri's from OBion/OBiapp without using speed dials.

An added bonus for those who like to dial directly into their obi not via OBiTALK and who use a ddns service as their obi address, is that you can now effectively dial by using the format **

@QBZappy – I believe you were looking at ways to call into @gmail etc via OBiTALK. This may work for you. I have not tried any gv related sip uri dialling as it's not free here in UK, so I don't use gv!

I know the above works, my hope is that someone may be able to explain why  :)

Edit: Added * etc to digitmap. to prevent messing with OBi Star Codes (thx to a RonR post).