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Ring Delay on incoming PSTN call

Started by azrobert, February 02, 2011, 12:05:03 PM

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On an incoming PSTN call there is a full ring delay on the OBi phone compared to a phone directly connected to the PSTN line.  The CID is also delayed by one ring on the OBi phone.  If the call is answered by the PSTN phone the OBi phone still rings one more time.

Can this ring delay be shortened or will this problem be addressed with a future firmware update?


In order for OBi device to pass PSTN Caller-ID to the PHONE Port, it needs to completely decode the caller-ID signal prior to ringing the phone. The ring delay is to make sure OBi has enough time to do this. This is also needed in order for OBi to perform caller-ID based inbound call routing. For example, you might not even want to ring the phone for certain callers.

For US, Caller-ID is sent shortly after the end of the first ring. So potentially you can adjust this delay parameter to about 3000 ms (which is counted from the beginning of the first ring). If that works for you reliably, you can stick with it. The default value is conservatively set to 5500ms to make it work for most PSTN services out of the box.

The delay parameter can be found on Physical-Interface->Line Port->Ring Delay

On the issue of picking up the phone on your PSTN line does not immediately stop the ringing on the OBi phone:
Are you using a cordless phone attached to the OBi?   If so, it is the cordless phone issue.   You might want to try connecting the cordless phone in parallel with your regular phone on the PSTN line, I suspect it would behave the same way.


Both phones are Panasonic cordless and when connected in parallel ring exactly the same.
When one is connected to the OBi110 they both ring the same number of times.  I believe the OBi phone rings after the PSTN phone is answered is because of the delay.

Setting the RingDelay to 2300 everything still worked, but there was still a significant delay.
When RingDelay was set to 2000 the phone did not ring. I'm assuming blocking anonymous calls and the OBi110 not getting the CID in time caused the phone not to ring.
When the RingDelay was set to zero and InbounfCallRout set to default, there was still a noticeable ring delay and CID was not displayed on any ring.

Again, can the ring delay be reduced?  Even with RingDelay set to zero there is a noticeable ring delay.
When the RingDelay is set to zero can the CID be displayed on the 2nd ring?
When RingDelay is set to zero and calls are being blocked, can the blocking start on the 2nd ring?

I hope I'm not being too unreasonable with my requests, but this ring delay is really annoying.  We have a bedroom setup as an office and my wife has a PSTN phone on her desk and I have an OBI phone on mine.  I suppose it wouldn't be as annoying if both phones weren't in the same room.


I turned the volume off on the handset and at the lowest level on the base.  It's more tolerable now.

I see there are two ring profiles and 10 ring patterns for each profile.  How can I turn the ringer off for calls coming from the line port?


I solved it myself.  I changed the ring pattern to "60;(2+50)".  It rings once then goes silent for 50 seconds.