I need a dial plan for local #'s without having to dial the area code?

Started by equipped, October 01, 2015, 12:49:22 PM

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I did a search on the forum but came up with nothing to add a dial plan to OBI200.  I would like to be able to dial a local number without having to dial the area code each time.  Thanks for the help!


Use OBi Expert to make the following change.
Assuming your Primary Route is SP1:

Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A General
Add the following rule after the beginning parenthesis of the DigitMap

Change aaa to your local area code


There's no need to use OBi Expert mode for this.

The setting is prominently available, right on the basic configuration page for each service provider, via OBiTALK.  Simply enter the area code for local calls.


Okay, thank you both.  I will try the easy method first and then, if that doesn't work, the Expert method. 


I forgot to add, I am not using Google Voice or ObiTalk.  I have a SIP provider that has my number.  I already had a different brand of ATA device, just replacing that one with the OBI200.  Thanks.


If you are using the local interface to configure your OBi200, use the same instructions as I posted. The only difference is you click on General tab separately.


Okay, but instead of 1axxxxx, I only see 1xxxxx, no "a"  I have attached a screenshot of my Config page.  Thanks!


This is the default DigitMap:

Change it to:

Now when you dial a 7 digit number the dialplan will prefix the number with "1480". Change "480" to your local area code. I removed a couple rules that are not needed.


Thanks so much.  I am guessing that when I need to dial a real long distance number out of our area code, I just dial "1-Area Code" then the number? 


You can also just dial 10 digits. Rule <1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx will prefix a 10 digit number with a one.


Yes, that is exactly what I need.  I would assume there are more OBI customers like me, that would find the dial plan handy, wonder why this info is so hard to find? Anyway thank you again so much!


How long does it generally take for the 7 digit call to go through? After setting my area code when initially configuring the service provider through the ObiTalk portal, there's roughly a four second delay until a ringback signal is heard.


DigitMapShortTimer=2 seconds

Quote from: OBiDevice Admin GuideValue of the short inter-digit timer (in seconds) when collecting dialed digits according to the DigitMap on this phone port. This timer governs the timeout when a fixed length pattern has been matched while one or more other patterns can be potentially matched with more input digits.

I just got in the habit of ending every number I dial with a "#" so it sends the string immediately.


hi guys,

In my case, the Obi200 is forcing me to dial 11 (area code) phone number so 011-305-552-1234.  I have a google voice number and it allows me to do 10 digit dialing (no 11).  I've read through this thread and it looks like my digitmap is close to the 10 digit dialing map identified in the thread.  The only difference is 911 and the '+'.  See below.  I guess I have 911 b/c I also have the Anveo account allowing for Emergency dialing (in the US).  Can anybody help with the digitmap below to allow me to do 10 digit dialing?