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Quote from: Williev on April 20, 2020, 06:51:50 AM
If i were to buy a OBi2182, would i also have to buy a obi200 or obi202 for Google Voice? Or is this feature built in?
The OBi2182 supports up to 6 VoiP accounts.  Any mix of industry standard SIP and GV's consumer offering.


Those are two different ways to make Voice over IP  (VoIP) telephone calls.  The OBi 200 is an Analog Telephone Adapter.  It connects a regular old analog telephone, via it's RJ-11 cord and plug, to circuitry in the OBi to convert it into digital signals over the Internet.  The 2182 is a telephone that has the digital VoIP circuitry already built in, so it doesn't need to convert anything the old analog signals.