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Help on digitmap

Started by 2005hyrj, August 12, 2011, 06:52:57 PM

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just got Obi-100. Here is my sittings:

HardwareVersion   2.8
firmware updated to v 1.2.1
sp1(ITSP-A): GV (primary)
sp2(ITSP-B): sipgate

OBi expert ---> Setup Wizard  ---> outbound settings (all default)

ITSP DigitMap:       (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*]@@.)
Phone DigitMap:    ([1-9]x?*(Mpli)|[1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|911|**0|***|#|**1(Msp1)|**2(Msp2)|**9(Mpp)|(Mpli))
Phone OutboundCallRoute: {([1-9]x?*(Mpli)):pp},{**0:aa},{***:aa2},{(<**1:>(Msp1)):sp1},{(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2},{(<**9:>(Mpp)):pp},{(Mpli):pli}

Service Providers: (all default)
ITSP-A digitmap: (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*]@@.)
ITSP-B digitmap: (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*]@@.)

What I want is when I dial (1)800,(1)888,(1)877 and 011xxxxxx, Obi100 can route the call to ITSP-B(sipgate). Other long distance (1)nxx-xxx-xxxx go to ITSP-A(GV).

do I only need to change ITSP-A digitmap and ITSP-B digitmap?
can I omit xx. as one pattern?
what is [^*]@@. ?

I am a newbie, please help. Thank you.


Leave the PHONE Port DigitMap and OutboundCallRoute at Default.  Leave the PrimaryLine at SP1 Service.

Services Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> General -> DigitMap:


Services Providers -> ITSP Profile B -> General -> DigitMap:


where aaa is your local area code.

7/10/11 digits  ->  SP1
             011+  ->  SP2
        Toll Free  ->  SP2

I recommend removal of the xx. rules as I've done above.

[^*]@@. has been replaced with [^*]@@.'@'@@. as a better rule for SIP URI dialing from Speed Dials:

The [^*] portion is a workaround for a bug in the OBi firmware.  It can be removed if/when the bug is fixed.


I tested four conditions as <1>xxx-xxx-xxxx, and <1>800-xxx-xxxx, checked GV history and sipgate history, it worked perfectly! Thank you very much!



every thing is working as planned. Now I activate e911 service on my sipgate account. How to set up digitmap to connect to 911 through sp2/sipgate?


Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> OutboundCallRoute:



That's quick! Thank you very much.