OBi1062 phone locked by PhonePower

Started by Stoic, June 27, 2018, 09:51:41 AM

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I recently purchased an OBi1062 from eBay. I was very excited to get a great deal on it considering that it was only having a slight malfunction. With that issue resolved...I attempted to register it on OBiTalk and punched in the code given to me into the OBi1062. I got...

Failed to add device: This device is customized for another service provider and cannot be added to your account!
Please contact ObiHai support if you need further help.

I found that the customizationstatus was for PhonePower.

I called them and spoke with Tech support. The input the Mac address and confirmed it was on their inventory. After which, I asked if they could flash this phone remotely they refused, I asked if they could contact ObiHai and release it to be used on OBiTalk, they refused.

After reading PhonePower's policy on unreturned items they charge the company for the cost of the device...if this device was not sold individually as they did sell in the past.

Anyone, have any solutions? Thank you very much!


I didn't follow this thread closely, so I don't know if they were successful with phonepower. Start reading here:


Quote from: Stoic on June 27, 2018, 09:51:41 AM
Anyone, have any solutions?
Return the device to the seller reporting it was not usable for the purpose as sold?

There are a number of electronics devices (and sometimes even cars!) sold on eBay for which ownership was never legally transferred, and are, in fact, still the property of others (even if their "insurance" has paid off, that means the owner is the insurance company).  Caveat Emptor.


If you want to return it, I say return it.  But you don't have to, and you can use it with any SIP provider.  Google Voice is out, its not SIP or its some version that requires OBiTalk and a STUN server to work.  OBi will NOT help you.  I have several OBi1022s, OBi1032s, and OBi1062s.  The ones that are locked with PhonePower work with two different SIP providers at the same time without a problem, and I it was the first two I picked.  I use extension dialing, group paging, everything on a locked phone!

You just have to use the local configuration rather than the OBiTalk Dashboard, and OBI will not help you.  Look at the Phone IP, its in settings on the phone.  Then go to that IP in a webpage, admin/admin is the default, if it says invalid, do a factory reset (hold down home and back for 30 seconds when plugging in the phone), then edit the ITSP profile (just one per service) and the Voice Service (one per extension), add as many line appearances as your SIP provider gives you (for conferencing etc) per extension, and you are done.  I use a 1062 while sitting outside with Wifi, full use and function and SIP providers are cheap these days.

You can also use PhonePower, they will setup one phone, and you can activate SIP creds for an additional 5.  I got PhonePower, but the support took 20 days before they finally provisioned one phone.  They also locked the phone so I can't edit keys.  So I dropped them, but if you have one worked really well.

So its up to you, but I would keep it.  Contact PhonePower or setup a SIP account, its not that hard.  If you need more help, post again.  And NO, I don't sell them on e-bay :)


I just was given an OBI1022 it's locked to phonepower..  I'd like to use it with Google Voice I notice some of the parameters are missing in the Web Interface i.e.:

ITSP Profile A -> General -> SignalingProtocol (seems to be missing so I can't choose Google Voice)

Is there anyway to fix this so I can use it with GV?? 

I did update it to the latest firmware...

Tom B.


It's locked to Phonepower.  You can't unlock it.  Return it and get your money back.

Never ever buy used OBiTALK products on eBay or Craigslist.