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Whatever Happened to the Obihai Syslog Server Download?

Started by A_Friend, August 21, 2018, 04:15:31 PM

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I noticed a recent post citing syslog output, and was curious about how to capture/review logging. 

A quick search turned up this fine post from 2011:

In that post, and also elsewhere if you just search from scratch via Google, you find this line:  "For your convenience, Obihai Technology provides a free syslog server program.  You can download the program here."

And, when you click on "here" you end up here:

I don't see the syslog server.  Has it been removed?


If you want that file, the Internet Archive has it. Put that download link from the forum post into its address bar.

Sadly it is not the only thing that is no longer visible on or available from the Obihai sites.  The demo UIs.  The "connect an IP phone" tutorial. The forum sections for the OBion programs.  I know those were no longer supported but the PC version still works OK for me - easy way to get an Obitalk trunk on Asterisk.



I totally would not have expected to have that!  The page, yes.  The downloadable, no.

(And, for the record, only the first link in my post is archived, and it's the hot link in that that gets you the download.  If you go to the second one, no joy.) 

Clicking here will get you the download: