OBi302-Anveo setup-"This device cannot participate in the asp program"

Started by meowmachine, September 30, 2020, 02:14:05 PM

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I am trying to configure two Anveo phone numbers to two ObiTalk  boxes.

I have had an Anveo account with an Obi200 for several years.  I have just bought a new ObiTalk302 and a new Anveo phone number to use at Grandpa's  house.

Originally, phone number XXX-XXX-1234 was configured to a Obi200 box at my home.  This worked fine for four years.  I have this number under an Anveo "ObiTalk Special Just Right" subscription package.

I wanted to set up Grandpa with the same so I ordered him a new Anveo phone number ("Personal Unlimited").  I took the Obi200 box to his house and configured it with his new number XXX-XXX-5678.  I temporarily configured my home phone number  XXX-XXX-1234 to fwd to a cell phone while I ordered a new OBi302 box.

The new OBi302 box is now here and I have it set up on by ObiTalk account.  When I try to link it to my existing Anveo account from the ObiTalk-Anveo provisioning page, it tells me "This device does not support ITSP Setup" or "This device cannot participate in the asp program".

Furthermore-  once/if I do get the two numbers/boxes configured, I want to set up different 911 locations for each box.

Ultimately, I want:   
Anveo XXX-XXX-5648 ->  OBi200 at Grandpa's house  ->  Grandpa's address for 911  (Currently working)
Anveo XXX-XXX-1234 -> OBi302 at my house  -> my address for 911  (Can not configure)

Am I allowed to manage two different homes & numbers from a single account? 

Thanks, meowmachine in ATL