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general outbound call routing and digitmap question

Started by larrybob, November 29, 2011, 08:49:07 AM

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Is it possible to send the local dial tone from the ptsn line-> to the connected telephone, when the phone is off hook, so all calls will bypass the obi 110, and will be made directly on the ptsn line.

Then by pushing #, disconnect from the ptsn line, and get a second dial tone, and now have all calls routed to SP1.

Why this would be nice.
I am sending the Obi 110 to a few different countries in South America and also to Turkey.
The experience for the user, would be that upon picking up the phone everything would be as if the obi was not there. Upon pushing # the user would hear a U.S. dial tone , and be able to  make all calls as if they were in the US.


When the OBi is powered off, its PHONE Port is connected directly to its LINE Port, completely bypassing the OBi.  You could connect the OBi's power module to a switched outlet and only turn it on when you want to actually use it (allowing time for it to boot up).


I know that the obi comes by default that by pressing # you connect with the Dial tone on the ptsn line.  Can this be  programed to be done automatically by just having the attached phone go off hook?
From the response by Ron I believe the answer to the first paragraph is no.. I just want to confirm this. Thanks


The digit map for Brasil is any 8 numbers for local not starting with 0 and any 10 numbers and soon to be any 11 numbers for long distance with other complications..( the numbers can be as long as 12 and soon 13 with special long distance carriers.) This will conflict with US Numbers and make programing a little complicated ( I will post these in details in a second post.)

The next option would be to create a digit map for Brasil, and duplicate the brasil dial tone parameters so you would hear the normal brasil dial tone when you are making a call within Brasil.
Then by pressing pound you could get a second tone and dial out on SP1..( avoiding conflicts with US 10 and 11 digit numbers.... I will need help with this... I am now compiling the Brasil digit specifications for my next post.  Larry


Quote from: larrybob on November 29, 2011, 02:31:03 PM
Then by pressing pound you could get a second tone and dial out on SP1..( avoiding conflicts with US 10 and 11 digit numbers

Why do you need to use # to access SP1 instead of using the OBi's normal convention of **1 to access SP1?

If PrimaryLine is set to PSTN Line, then default calling will be out the LINE Port and users don't have to do anything special.  If users want to call the US using the provider on SP1, then they simply dial **1 + number.

Wouldn't this DigitMap handle LINE Port calls for Brazil?

Physical Interfaces -> LINE Port -> DigitMap : (1xx|[2-9]xxxxxxx|0xx.)

For emergency numbers:

Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> DigitMap:


Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> OutboundCallRoute:


Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine : PSTN Line

US Provider (Google Voice or VoIP) on SP1:

Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> General -> DigitMap: