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If you have Airlink AR680 router, make sure the fw is 1.0.1

Started by OBiSupport, March 21, 2011, 05:04:20 PM

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We found a problem in Airlink101 AR680W router with firmware 1.0.0, where it is not giving an IP address to the OBi device and select computers in our lab.

After searching for updated firmware, we found there is a firmware 1.0.1

After upgrading the unit, this firmware fixes:
- The DHCP issues
- Problem going out to the Internet with static or DHCP IP.

So, for anyone of you who have this particular router please upgrade to 1.0.1.

-Obihai Support Team


I have an AR670W fw 1.00 and I used OBiTALK to set it up.  I was able to upgrade to latest 1.20 Obi FW but if I try to hardcode a static IP, it doesn't want to talk.

Since I can get to all the ATA settings via the OBiTALK Expert tool released in 1.2, should I still be concerned?  Seems to be working fine via DHCP enabled.

Synchron  8)