Bad device, any Warranty available?

Started by obi-master, March 24, 2011, 10:47:37 AM

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My OBI 110 is not coming up. The green lights will come up and then the red light will turn and the same process will just repeat. I have tried resetting the device to factory default by inserting a pin but didn't help.
Is there any warranty on this device?

Any suggestion what I can do to resolve this.


This is funny. After trying all day this morning I couldn't get my device to work. After I post this message and tried again, it worked. I am questioning it's reliability now.

Any body had similar issues?


Your symptoms indicate the device was repeatedly rebooting quickly after a previous reboot.

While not occurring at the same frequency, there are other reports of unexpected rebooting:

I've experienced a few spontaneous reboots in the month I've had mine, but not with any regularity or predictability.


I've read about a few people having this issue as well.  The question now becomes what is Obihai doing about it?  Is this a firmware or hardware problem?


Have you tried to update the newest firmware 1.2 to see if the problem is gone?

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