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Google Voice: XMPP vs. SIP

Started by synchron, April 06, 2011, 04:41:50 PM

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I was wondering if the OBi device is always using SIP/RTP even for Google Voice setup.  I thought by checking the 'Google Chat' in GV settings, the XMPP protocol is used instead of SIP.

At any rate, my dilemma involves my attempts to use a mobile Wifi connection (my Ipod touch) to dial my Obi as a bridge via the attendant.  This works fine on a regular wifi hotspot, however, at my work, the firewall prevents any RTP voice traffic, therefore, I'm not able to hear the OBi attendant to complete the call.  However, I can successfully dial out with my laptop/gmail account which uses the same XMPP protocol and voice is not blocked.  I was hoping I could blindly enter "2<destination-number>#" after dialing in to the OBI since the IPT # is in the Circle of Trust.

So does anyone know any parameters I can specify in the OBi Expert Configuration tool so I can get voice to work or is OBi strictly a SIP device and I'm SOL?  Remember, call/voice works fine via the dialpad from Gmail on the corporate network.

Thanks in advance,

Synchron  8)