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Why are DigitMap rules removed if you enable 7 digit dialing?

Started by MichiganTelephone, April 08, 2011, 03:07:07 PM

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This is a curiosity question more than anything, but the default DigitMap for ITSP Profile A is this:


However, if I enable seven digit dialing from the OBiTalk portal, it changes to this:


Where AAA is replaced by the local area code. What are the extra two rules at the end of the default configuration for, and are they supposed to disappear if you enable seven digit dialing?

EDIT:  I should note, in case it makes a difference, that this is used by SP1 which is set to use a Google Voice account.  Also, I see now that the (Mipd) rule is for direct IP dialing and that [^*]@@. matches an "arbitrarily long alphanumeric sequence (except #) that does not start with *" (which still makes me wonder under what circumstances it would be used).
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