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Account wizard fails

Started by totalimpact, January 29, 2011, 09:06:27 PM

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I am trying to use this wizard:

My computer is on the same lan as the device.

It acts like it configures the device, but does nothing. I updated the firmware, and still nothing happens, when I check SP1, the settings are still empty.


It sounds like you may not have the version that supports GV.  Please be sure to update your OBi to the latest firmware. The easiest way to do this is via the OBiTALK Dashboard.  You will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point next to the settings control for your OBi device.  Just click on this icon and choose "OK"  to invoke the remote automatic firmware update process.

Alternatively you can follow these instructions to update your OBi manually:

Note: Some previous versions of the OBi have an issue when the user has the Chrome browser. If you are using Chrome and have any issues, just do the update with IE or Firefox this one time.  After the OBi is updated to the current release, you can go back to using Chrome.


Actually - I was using Opera browser, bet that was why.

I did update the firmware before messing with it, and got no results, I finally just registered it in the dashboard and it provisioned that way.


No I can confirm it hasn't worked for me on IE 8 (on a PC) nor with Safari on a Mac. I also tried Chrome but I know you've already said it's not working with Chrome. The behavior with all browsers was the same, and I tried both GV and Callcentric. I would fill in all the info in the wizard (and yes I double checked that the IP was correct and was on the same subnet as the computer I was configuring from--tried both a Mac and a PC on my LAN). After filling in all the information I clicked "Configure" and got a browser message saying to wait 30 seconds for the process to complete. After 30 seconds I would go to the device's web page and look under "System Status". For one, the uptime value indicated that the device had not been rebooted. Secondly, the SP1 and SP2 Service Status sections continued to indicate no service was configured.

The very first thing I did when I received the Obi110 yesterday was flash it to the 1.1.0 (Build: 1832) firmware manually. The update was successful and that version shows up as the software version in System Status on the Obi's web page.

In the end, I ended up joining my Obi to the ObiTalk portal to get it provisioned with GV and Callcentric. That seemed to work fine, aside from an issue I am having with the voicemail access number for Callcentric, which I will post a different thread about.

So yeah, I think that the Device Configuration Wizards are broken, even with IE and Safari (I did not try Firefox as I don't have it installed).


I you want to try updating the firmware with Firefox without having to install the software try using the portable app version of Firefox found here. You will be able to confirm that it is a browser related issue.
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