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Anveo. Wrong time on home phone

Started by Elena, April 11, 2014, 01:24:59 PM

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I am using Obihai & Anveo for my home phone.
They have my location yet the time my home phone is showing is 3 hours behind.
Does anyone know how to I fix that?


What happens when you unplug the phone, pull out the batteries, wait 20 seconds and the plug everything back in?  Is the time still 3 hours off?  Or, does it now ask you to set the date & time?


My phone has an option to automatically set the clock based on caller ID data.  Unless that's what you're trying to use, this has nothing to do with Anveo/Obi.


It's likely you need to find "Time Service Settings" and change that to the correct time zone. On the 202 it's under
Router Configuration
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WAN settings
Long live our new ObiLords!


If you haven't tried this already, go to your Obi Dashboard and make sure the Device Configuration for Local Time Zone is set correctly.  If you are just setting up your Obi, or have had the need to restart to factory configuration as I did, you must set this manually.  My Panasonic phone system would reset to the incorrect time after I received a call and this fixed it for me.  BTW, this is not an Anveo issue.