Great Variances in Choices

Started by shastastan, April 19, 2014, 02:01:37 PM

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I've been reading provider choices on here with great interest.  Initially, I was really bummed out that Google was not going to support the Obi format anymore.  I tried to sign up for Anveo online, but somehow got dumped out during the process.  So, I signed up for PhonePower instead.  There seemed to be a wide range of reviews on it with the overall rating falling somewhere in the middle.  We had ditched our landline over a year ago, but we need to have reliable phone service.  Due to our slow dsl connection or whatever, PhonePower didn't work so well for us.  I'm not blaming them though.  Rather than hassle with voip, we've just decided to use our cell phones and not use the internet at all.  After, some explanations, PhonePower did stop our service.  We are having our Google Voice calls forwarded to our cell phones.  We are also using a device to blue tooth pair our cell phones to and be able to use our cordless phone system at home.  We have been happy with Obihai with never a problem with it.  In fact, it's the most reliable equip. we have ever had.  Thanks, Obihai!  I would just recommend taking the various reviews with a few grains of salt since there are a huge number of ISP's around the country.