ObiPlus / PhonePower VM DEPOSIT setup with Obi 202 issue.

Started by scllc, May 13, 2014, 10:59:06 AM

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We are a small IT consulting firm that has been recommending the Obi devices to several clients and in wake of the GV split we began the process of investigating options. 

For our environment we decided to go with PhonePower account and so we could make multiple concurrent outgoing calls we actually signed up AGAIN for another number / unlimited plan. We utilize the ObiHai 202 / ObiPlus to every extreme we can for our test/production environment. 

A major problem we have yet been able to figure out on our own or with even the assistance of ObiPlus support team has to do with DEPOSITS of VM after AA takes calls.

Regardless of what configuration test we have tried, we have yet to be successful in get the ObiPlus AA to DEPOSIT VM for the Phonepower lines.  But for the extensions that connect to other VM such as mobile device or GV VM that are able to successfully complete a VM DEPOSIT.

Is anyone else utilizing ObiPLus on an Obi 202 that can successfully complete a VM deposit after AA has taken the call ??