How to set up Ring.To with ADS Alarm System?

Started by yriver, March 30, 2015, 12:56:33 PM

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Hi, I just purchased an Obi200, and finally got everything setup last night. So excited at first, then found out the Alarm system for my house is not working. Would anyone place let me know how to provision this? I found in the GV account setup that is a mark "use this for security system", but not in Ring.To. So I also added a GV account. So my configuration is like this:

SP1: Ring.To, as my primary outgoing call
SP2: Anveo e911 service
SP3: Google voice account

So my question is:

1. Can I change some setting to make Ring.To working with my alarm company (ADS)?
2. If not, how can I set it up to use Google Voice for security system? Should I ask for a number from ADS, and then setup some outbound routing rule to send all security system calls through GV?

Totally a newbie for Obi200, really appreciate any helps to make this work. Thanks!


OBi only supports alarm system calling using Google Voice as the service provider.  Most of us here would not recommend using that solution, but instead, getting a cellular or IP-connected communicator.  Most alarm monitoring services will work with you to install one of those devices, like this one:


I have both google voice and added to my obi200. alarm monitoring cost is already covered in my HOA fee. I am hoping I can make obi200 work so no additional cost for me. Would you please help let me know how I can set it up so it can communicate with my alarm monitoring company? just want to see it works first. thanks!


You would need to change your OBi configuration to use Google Voice as your primary line to call out, so the alarm system's calls go over Google Voice.

There isn't any advantage to using as your primary outbound provider, so this should't be an issue.

You can designate which line to use for outbound calls by adding or removing the appropriate check mark on the OBiTALK dashboard.  Or, you can just delete both configurations and start over, and use GV for SP1.


Search the forum for threads concerning security systems with VOIP. It may be free but it is not going to provide security reliably.


Thanks for all your help. Just want to get it started, then I can continue my research. Want to use for now just because i ported my old home number to them :)

Thanks again for all your helps.