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Notice to Google Voice users: Google is updating their security protocols that requires a firmware upgrade on your OBi device. In order for you to keep using the service, we will perform a system-wide firmware upgrade to all online devices registered to Google Voice at Thursday 8/5/2021 5:00pm PDT. Please keep your devices online so it can be part of the scheduled upgrade. For the devices that are not online during the upgrade, you will need to manually update the firmware. To do so, please refer to instructions on how to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. You may also start upgrading your firmware before the scheduled upgrade mentioned. Thank you for your cooperation -Team OBiTALK

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install OBiLINE?

First, make sure your OBi has the most up-to-date software. To check, dial ***6 from an attached phone. Second, connect the OBiLINE USB cable to the OBi2 Series or OBi3 Series USB port. Finally, connect a working land line service to the TELCO PSTN port of the OBiLINE and make a test call using the previously described ## and/or **70 dialing methods. Also test an inbound call to your landline number to ensure it is working.

Note: If you have other OBi accessories, like OBiWiFi and/or OBiBT you may use a USB hub. Only one OBiLINE device may be used with its associated host OBi VoIP device, i.e. OBi200.


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